Table of Content

Planned Table of Content

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S(earch) E(ngine) O(ptimizing)

  1. What is SEO? Elements of SEO

Content is king and old is gold

    1. SERP ranking (descritpion)
    2. Pagerank
    3. Keywords

i. What are keywords?

1. Search keywords

2. Advertising keywords

3. Page keywords

ii. Importance of keywords

iii. Optimizing text for keywords

iv. Long tail keywords

v. Finding the right keywords

vi. Looking for keywords

1. Tools

2. Competitors

    1. Backlinks

i. What are backlinks

ii. Difference in backlinks

iii. Permanent and temporary backlinks

iv. Internal and External backlinks

v. Link text and tags

vi. Image and video backlinks

    1. Page title and description
    2. Ups and downs of SEO

i. Readability by bots versus humans

ii. Non-existent searches

  1. Website structure and SEO
    1. Pagerank
    2. Permalinks
    3. Absolute and relative links
    4. no follow pages
    5. Google sitelinks

  1. Optimizing pages for keywords
    1. Important HTML tags and structure

i. Meta Tags

ii. Object title and alt tags

iii. Headlines and headline locations

iv. Text order

  1. Optimizing sites/domains for keywords
    1. Relation of keyword and domain name
    2. Hub and spokes multi-site structure

  1. Profitizing from advertising
    1. Google Adsense
    2. Intext advertising
    3. Affiliate advertising
    4. Advert look & feel
    5. Heatmap
    6. Tracking and analysing data
    7. Conversions and conversion tracking

  1. Marketing
    1. Marketing Elements: Backlinks & Referral visitors

i. Backlink type and quality

ii. Tracking referral visitors

iii. Cross-Links and monitoring

1. with partner

2. internal (network)

    1. Social Marketing

i. Social networks

1. Backlinks

2. Referral visitors

3. RSS-Feed

4. IMs

ii. Social media: photo, audio, video, documents

1. photo and video communities

2. Google Maps & Panoramio

iii. Social bookmarks

iv. “Blogging”

    1. Internet directories

i. Wikis

ii. Other

iii. Image directories

    1. 3rd level search engines
    2. Forums & Groups
    3. Local marketing

i. Keywords

ii. Google Maps

    1. Feeder network

  1. Blog & Blogging

  1. Site design
    1. Importance of colors & standards
    2. Keep it together
    3. Visual road map
    4. Conversions and conversion tracking

  1. Technical details
    1. Moving pages and sites
    2. Sitemap.xml and webmaster services
    3. Analytics
    4. Pagerank and Keyword tracking
    5. Update tracking (bots visits)
    6. Keeping sites fresh
    7. Naming, editing and monitoring adverts

Additional topics to be added.