The SEM Power of Images

Optimizing your Search Engine Marketing with images

SEM power of images


If you own and manage a website chances are, you want a lot of visitors. Unfortunately there are millions of websites and many are competing with you for visitors.

You can find tomes on “Search Engine Optimization” to help you boost you Internet appearance by optimizing your on-page content, acquiring back-links and being active on social networks. But very few SEO-specialists will tell you about the SEO and SEM power of images.

    I always wonder why you find so little about image optimization opportunities and practices. Is it another conspiracy of specialists keeping the biggest secret to themselves?
    I do not believe in conspiracies but think there is a much easier and obvious answer. Most SEO consultants and experts do not have images to optimize and optimize their pages with. They use a lot of graphics. But graphics are expensive to create and lack the visual power of an image.
    And if you have few images or graphics to optimize, you lack the data to see and understand what images can do for you in Search Engine and Internet Marketing.

Marketing opportunities for images

I will show you the four main areas you can utilize to optimize your marketing efforts by using images:

  • Eye catcher and design element
  • SEO on-page optimization
  • Dominating the SERP page 1 results
    Google Maps, Google Earth and other local search results
  • Enhancing your social activity
  • and a bonus

  • Acquiring images

Eye catcher and design element

An image is always an eye-catcher next to the black on white characters and numbers jungle. You can make text stand out by using headlines, bold print and colors. But it’s still text and needs to be read and understood before the user moves on. Images carry the weight of many words but you understand them much faster. And images have a higher chance of reaching you emotionally.
You can use images to catch attraction to your page and you can use them to create a visual path through the character jungle called text. Using the right images and using them right, you can make sure your visitors see all the important points before they leave the page.
And good images make the user stay longer and open more pages.

SEO on page optimization

Search engine on-page optimization these days is more than just adding keywords and text. Search engines have a broader approach to rating the importance of your document than looking at single words. Searchbots now try to understand what your site and page is about by focusing on semantics. Which synonyms of your (former” keyword) are used? Which words commonly associated with your keyword are used? How long and detailed is your content?
Images still give you a little opportunity to add plain old keywords to you on-page optimization efforts. Through clever use of file name, captions, link tags and image tags, you can give your page a nice little keyword boost and we will tell you how.

Dominating the SERP page 1 results

This is an often overlooked opportunity to make your site jump ranks and appear on the first SERP (Search Engine Result Page) instead of 5 or 10 or worse. If applicable, Google will not only show text links, but also sample images matching the search words and a link to Google’s image search.
If you sell the product the user is looking for and they see it on the SERP page, it is much more likely to be clicked than a text link. And you would be surprised to know (or find out) how many consumers user image search to search for a product and follow the link to the site.
The important part here is to tell Google what your image is about. Most website owners do not know or think of this opportunity or use a content management system that does not properly support SEO options for images. In any case, if you do it right you will be able to bypass a lot of competitors and get your images on page 1.

If you have a local business, Google Maps, Google Earth and other local search result providers, e.g. Foursquare (used by Facebook!) or Yelp and others will show your images next to your location. This is another local marketing opportunity that is often overlooked.

We will tell you how you get your images into the top results for search engine and local searches by using the hidden gems of IPTC and EXIF meta tags of images.

Enhancing your social appearances

Everybody is on Facebook, Google+, Instagram, twitter and other social networks and so are you. But you probably know yourself how difficult it is for a status message that is text only to be noticed next to the cute baby and puppy photos and videos.
The only answer for you are cute and emotional photos for your own posts and messages.
We show you how you can use your WordPress based website to spread your images and links automatically to your social nets and gain likes, attention and referral visitors.

Acquiring images

Finding and getting the right images is time consuming and can be expensive. But fortunately authenticity counts more than quality these days and you do not need the perfect image. As long as the image is authentic and emotionally touching, users will like it.
We will show you how and where to find the right image and how to plan and shoot images yourself with a phone, a compact or an DSLR camera to enhance your on-line marketing and sales opportunities.

Over the following weeks we will publish additional posts dealing with all options of optimizing your Internet marketing with photos, images and graphics.
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