Internet Marketing and SEO

Internet Marketing & SEO
Search Engine Optimization

Our new blog on “Internet Marketing and SEO” will show you all the tips and tricks of Internet Marketing and reveal secrets and demystify SEO suggestions and concepts.

This is not for SPAMMER. This is for anybody with good ideas or content, who would like to monetize from what they know and like to say.

Making Money on the Web

is not a big secret. It’s hard work mostly. And it does not need to cost thousands or even hundreds of $$. Most of it is free.

We show and tell you about free tools, free sites and other free opportunities for Internet Marketing.

And we show you how you can turn this into real income you can live off.

We show you how

  • you get good Google rankings
  • drive visitors to your site
  • make money from your Internet presence

From our own experience we share with you

  • the most successful directories for back link building
  • the best referral visitor sites
  • how to read and understand your stats and data
  • how structuring your site well helps you achieve better search results

This blog is under construction. ­čśë

Over the coming weeks and months we will post on the above subjects.

To read the posts you must subscribe to our service. The fee for one calendar year is 80,- ÔéČ

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New posts

The SEM Power of Images

The SEM Power of Images

Optimizing your Search Engine Marketing with images If you own and manage a website chances are, you want a lot of visitors. Unfortunately there are millions of websites and many are competing with you for visitors. You can find tomes on "Search Engine Optimization" to help you boost you Internet appearance by[...]
SEO Optimizing for Christmas

SEO Optimizing for Christmas

Optimizing your site for ChristmasThe Christmas season is not only a very festive one, it is also the biggest sales period in the year. Even off-season products and services, such as lawn mowers or waterski lessons can participate by selling gift cards and coupons.But in order to maximize your Christmas[...]
schöne Fotos, schöne Bilder bei

schöne Fotos, schöne Bilder bei

sch├Âne Fotos, sch├Âne Bilder bei Sch├Âne Bilder, sch├Âne Fotos aus ├╝ber 100. Jahren und 3 Generationen Fotografie. Von den Anf├Ąngen unseres Opa mit Glasnegativen, ├╝ber Rollfilm, Kleinbildfilm bis hin zu modernen Aufnahmen mit digitalen SLR-Kameras, wir zeigen Ihnen unsere sch├Ânsten Bilder. So zeigen wir Ihnen unter "sch├Âne lizenzfreie Photos und[...]
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Internet Marketing SEO Expert on empire avenue

Meet Internet Marketing SEO Expert on empire avenue. //EDIT THE FOLLOWING VARIABLES //enter your exact ticker var eav_t = "m78w9f8"; //Size 1 is 100x100 and Size 2 is 190x167 var eav_s = 2; //Do not edit the following: var eav_is_ssl = ("https:" == document.location.protocol); var eav_asset_host = eav_is_ssl ? ""[...]
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Tools: Monitor your Adsense performance and earnings

Monitor your Adsense performance and channels Once you added Adsense adverts to your site's pages, you need to constantly monitor and optimize ad performance. As explained in the Google Adsense Instructions and Tips and Tricks posts (to be added shortly), you need to constantly monitor your Google Adsense ads performance data and[...]

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