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Internet Marketing & SEO
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Our new blog on “Internet Marketing and SEO” will show you all the tips and tricks of Internet Marketing and reveal secrets and demystify SEO suggestions and concepts.

This is not for SPAMMER. This is for anybody with good ideas or content, who would like to monetize from what they know and like to say.

Making Money on the Web

is not a big secret. It’s hard work mostly. And it does not need to cost thousands or even hundreds of $$. Most of it is free.

We show and tell you about free tools, free sites and other free opportunities for Internet Marketing.

And we show you how you can turn this into real income you can live off.

We show you how

  • you get good Google rankings
  • drive visitors to your site
  • make money from your Internet presence

From our own experience we share with you

  • the most successful directories for back link building
  • the best referral visitor sites
  • how to read and understand your stats and data
  • how structuring your site well helps you achieve better search results

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Over the coming weeks and months we will post on the above subjects.

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Optimizing your Search Engine Marketing with images

SEM power of images


If you own and manage a website chances are, you want a lot of visitors. Unfortunately there are millions of websites and many are competing with you for visitors.

You can find tomes on “Search Engine Optimization” to help you boost you Internet appearance by optimizing your on-page content, acquiring back-links and being active on social networks. But very few SEO-specialists will tell you about the SEO and SEM power of images.

    I always wonder why you find so little about image optimization opportunities and practices. Is it another conspiracy of specialists keeping the biggest secret to themselves?
    I do not believe in conspiracies but think there is a much easier and obvious answer. Most SEO consultants and experts do not have images to optimize and optimize their pages with. They use a lot of graphics. But graphics are expensive to create and lack the visual power of an image.
    And if you hav … weiterlesen …

Optimizing your site for Christmas

Christmas Santa Claus

Christmas Santa Claus

The Christmas season is not only a very festive one, it is also the biggest sales period in the year. Even off-season products and services, such as lawn mowers or waterski lessons can participate by selling gift cards and coupons.

But in order to maximize your Christmas sales effort, you should look into optimizing your site for the holidays.

Since the Google Panda algorythm update sites have to do more than just add the word “Christmas” as a keyword to it’s content. It used to be so easy, you just add your keyword to URL, h1 and h2 titles, meta title and description and use it between 5-10% in your text. Bingo, your site was optimized for all people searching for “Christmas”.
But these days user want more in searches and Google has responded by adding semantic knoiwlegde to it’s search algorythms.

This means that while you still focus on one MAIN keyword, you also need to use word usually associated with your keyword in the same content and close proximity. Good text does not repeat the same word all over but u … weiterlesen …